I figured this would happen eventually. You ever get to the end of the night after work and chores and the kid(s) are in bed where you are just done? The struggle is real, sometimes it feels like finding the time and energy is like waiting for the planets to align.

Making progress, dedicating 100% towards design for a night and coding on a separate night seems to be working well. I really like Figma, just wish the desktop application was more performant. I really like that Adobe XD doesn’t seem dependent on an internet connection but that is a no go for Figma.

Awhile back I was implementing Angular but overtime it felt to opinionated and more like I was writing another full-blown application instead of a client but you could argue that a client is an application in itself. I’ve been moving more towards React and enjoying the flexibility, to be fair I’m more experienced with java script frameworks now than I was when I started with Angular. More to come!