Raw Blog Intro

I’m really excited to kick this off! This is just one of many posts as I try to get in the habit of doing this once a week. Will I succeed? Who knows, but it should be fun to look back on.

I’m actually trying to write this post while watching Teen Wolf on a Tuesday night in my living room. So right there is an example of a random thought that may be included in my posts. This blog will be messy, random and raw.

Once a week in 500 words or less, I’ll write about Street Source development. The goal is to keep the time I spend on these blog posts to less than 30minutes. Time is a commodity I don’t have but I refuse to give up on my vision of what Street Source can be and the underlying platform that powers it. Even if the post is more or less a “yeah nothing really happened this week”, I’m still planning to post.

If you come across this blog and you are a human, good find!

Until next time!